Code of Ethics of the EU project ARC

Introductory provisions

The Code of Ethics of the EU project ARC (hereinafter: the Code of Ethics) contains moral principles and principles of professional ethics according to which, in mutual relations and public action, members, employees, associates, volunteers and SME's (here and after: users) should act when the behaviour and actions of these persons can be directly linked to ARC. The moral conduct and values contained in this Code of Ethics aim to promote the highest values such as impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntariness, unity, and universality, dignity, equality and confidentiality.

Also, this Code of Ethics is a set of principles and values outlining the responsibilities and professional practices for individuals and organisations in the field of EU project management for the entire project cycle.


Values & principles

In order to preserve the dignity and reputation of the ARC project, members, employees, associates, volunteers and SME's are obliged to respect basic moral principles and principles of professional responsibility such as:

- the principle of respect guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

- the principle of equality and justice which excludes any discrimination, abuse, harassment, or exploitation

- the principle of professionalism which constitutes conscientious

- the principle of compliance with laws and legal procedures, which contains the obligation to comply with internal acts and procedures based on them

-the principle of freedom of expressing opinions and mutual respect

-the principle of confidentiality

In its compliance with the Code of Ethics in principle, the following is not approved:

-obstruction of activities carried out by ARC such as abuse of power, conflict of interest and corruption

- unscrupulous attitude towards property of the ARC

- misuse of ARC's name, sign or logo

-disclosure of confidential information

-initiating supervisory activities if during our work and research we come to the knowledge that one of the users has not complied its business with data protection laws

-false or malicious statements

- soliciting, inciting and receiving gifts for oneself or another person that go beyond the appearance of a "sign of attention"


Professionalism & Quality

…all persons covered by the Code of Ethics are required to refrain from actions that are considered unacceptable conduct

…to strive to achieve effectiveness and efficiency by applying recognized project management methods and tools according to the situation

…persons who appear in public do not represent the ARC and they are obliged to point out that personal views are not the values and principles of the ARC

… …to always strive for the highest quality of results

…to ensure that project results are relevant to the specific end-users / beneficiaries of the project

…to regularly monitor the progress of the project, especially against the assumptions made during the planning phase

…to be aware of the various interests of the stakeholders who are affected by the project activities respect the different interests of the project partners and to discuss conflicts of interest in a project consortium proactively   with the partners develop and respect formal agreements between partners in a project consortium

Accountability reject any form of corruption use all project funding correctly

…the Code will be revised as necessary, and at least once a year, in order to be improved in accordance with the identified problems, shortcomings or possible omissions observed during our work

Arc project consortium is responsible for ensuring and implementing the standards described in this Code of Ethics.

Proceedings before the consortium in the case of violation

…A proposal to initiate proceedings before the consortium may be submitted by any person who considers that the provisions of the Code of Ethics have been violated.

…The proposal is submitted in writing with an explanation, signed by the applicant and supported by evidence.

…During the proceedings, the consortium is obliged to check all the circumstances relevant to the assessment of the case.

…Persons involved in the procedure are obliged to cooperate with the Consortium. …The opinion given in the procedure regulated by this Code of Ethics should serve as the interpretation of the Code of Ethics and the promotion of moral conduct in the ARC, however it does not bind other bodies and is not an administrative act

Final provisions

…By signing an project agreement with European comission, ARC project coordinator and beneficiaries accept this Code of Ethics and undertake to act in accordance with its provisions.

… Members, associates, volunteers or users of ARC services, sign a statement of acceptance of this Code of Ethics at the time of joining, or establishing a collaborative or volunteer relationship and undertake to act in accordance with its provisions.

…The Code of Ethics is displayed on the ARC website and provides appropriate insight into its provisions at all times.

This Code of Ethics shall enter into force on 1st March 2020. and shall be published on the official project website.

Consortium of the project Arc