The main objectives of the Awareness Raising Campaign for SMEs (ARC project) are: raising awareness of SMEs about the GDPR obligations, helping SMEs to comply with those obligations and answering their questions about the implementation of the GDPR.

These objectives will be achieved through the following activities planned within the project: running a survey to identify SMEs needs, preparation of educational materials about the GDPR (based on needy analysis), organization of onsite consultations in 26 cities of Croatia and Ireland, during which SMEs will be able to receive direct support to resolve their specific problems and organization of two international conferences to exchange experiences and show best practices.

The overall objective of the ARC project is enabling the Irish  and Croatian DPAs in raising awareness about GDPR compliance among SMEs in Ireland and Croatia, as well as providing direct guidance to these businesses on practical implementation of the personal data protection laws.


The specific objectives of the ARC project are:

  • Reaching the target group for the purpose of conducting a survey
  • Examining SMEs awareness on personal data protection and implementing GDPR
  • Confirmation of previously identified needs and determination of new ones
  • Providing materials for consultation participants
  • Helping SMEs in implementing GDPR through direct consultations
  • Exchange of experiences and showing the best practices regarding the implementation of GDPR for SMEs, presentations of experts in the field of personal data protection
  • Publication - a practical guide for SMEs containing a collection of materials helpful in the implementation of GDPR
  • Publication- a report containing statistical data on the implementation of the project
  • Creating a website as a tool for effective information and promotion of the project and sharing materials for SMEs and providing materials for website of the project
  • Dissemination of information about the project in order to reach as many interested SMEs as possible and communicate about the project results

Due to the cooperation of DPAs from two different countries – Ireland and Croatia , it will be possible to exchange experiences of each beneficiary on the national level and to show the best practices in this area. What is more, the third participant is the University from Belgium – the capital of European Union. The presence of the VUB, as an association of people from all over the world, especially the European Union, where GDPR applies, will definitely increase the European added value of the project.

As the ARC materials for onsite consultations will be prepared in multiple languages, an EU-wide use will be possible. Other DPAs and all SMEs interested in issues of GDPR will be  able to use the results of the project. All EU countries and all European SMEs speaking English and Croatian can benefit from the project.

Although the awareness-raising campaign will occur in Ireland and in Croatia only , all materials and publication will be available on the website of project in 2 languages, including English .

All the material developed under ARC will be provided under an open, unrestricted copyright licence, and as such, they will be available for wide use and re-use.