In light of the outbreak of the COVID-19, instead of on site consultation we are organising free online worskhops.

The online workshops are organised by AZOP in cooperation with Croatian Chamber of Economy.

You can register for participation via online form on the website of the Croatian Chamber of Economy 7 days before the worksop.

If you have any further questions, please contact

If you want to participate on the workshops in March, you can register here:

Radionica 17.3.2021.

Radionica 24.3.2021.


Dates of online workshops:

March 2021

3.3.2021. – for SMEs from Koprivnica-Krizevac County

17.3.2021. – for SMEs from Varaždin County

24.3.2021. – for SMEs from Zagreb County and City of zagreb


April 2021

For SMEs from sector of private security - 14.4.2021.

For SMEs from sector of private security - 28.4.2021.


Workshops which have been conducted until now:


October 2020


6.10.2020. - for SMEs from Zagreb and Zagreb County


November 2020

16.11.2020. - for SMEs from Zagreb and Zagreb County

12.11.2020. - for SMEs from Osijek-Baranja County

13.11.2020. - for SMEs from Požega-Slavonija County

19.11.2020. - for SMEs from health sector

20.11.2020. - for SMEs from private security sector


December 2020

1.12.2020. – for SMEs from Karlovac-Lika County

8.12.2020. – for SMEs from Krapina-Zagorje County


January 2021

13.1.2021.  – for SMEs form Virovitica-Podravina County and Vukovar-Srijem County

20.1.2021. – for SMEs from Zagreb County and City of Zagreb


February 2021

3.2.2021. - for SMEs from Međimurje County

17.2.2021. – for SMEs from Bjelovar-Bilogora County


ARC project assume to conduct 32 onsite consultations to be able to provide direct support to needy SMEs (16 in Croatia and 16 in Ireland ). Thanks to conducting onsite consultations with SMEs, DPAs will be able to help SMEs in implementing GDPR through direct consultations.

During these consultations DPAs will be able to help SMEs in implementing GDPR by providing advice to specific issues the SMEs face. We will also provide general educational sessions on GDPR obligations and compliance. Follow-up survey at the end of the project in order to verify the effectiveness of activities will be carried out under the project.

Target cities are all major cities in Croatia and as follows in Croatia: Zagreb , Velika Gorica, Osijek Varaždin, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Pula, Dubrovnik, Karlovac, Slavonski Brod. Ireland will follow a similar schedule to that of Croatia, with final dates to be agreed with the local Chambers of Commerce. In recognition  that SME very often do not have the time available to travel to the capital, the Irish DPC anticipates that these consultations will be regionalised throught the Republic, to encompass the towns/cities of: Dundalk; Navan, Carrick-on-Shannon; Letterkenny; Sligo; Castlebar; Galway; Limerick; Killarney; Waterford, Tipperary; Kilkenny; Athlone; Cork and Dublin.