In the initial stage of the project, a survey will be prepared by the project partners and run among 300 SMEs to confirm our initial findings and obtain more detailed information about the most common GDPR challenges and needs SME data controllers have.

Based on the obtained survey results, we will prepare educational materials, which will be used during 32 onsite consultations (16 in Croatia and 16 in Ireland ). During these events, experts from the Irish and Croatian DPAs will not only educate local SMEs about GDPR requirements and their compliance obligations but also provide an opportunity for one-on-one meetings, during which SME will be assisted in resolving specific problems. We anticipate that on average 100 participants will be invited to each event, thus we expect to reach in total about 3200 SMEs.

Once we complete the consultations, we will review the most common issues we encountered and what methods worked the best during the onsite meetings and update our materials if necessary.

The project results are likely to have long-term legal and socio-economic impacts across the EU.  Due to the fact that GDPR is an act of international law that is valid in all EU Member States, the thematic scope of the project has a transnational dimension and applies to many countries.