In the premises of the Infobip Alpha Centauri campus, on Monday, November 27, 2023, the internet tool “OLIVIA” was introduced, developed as part of the European project ARC2 (Awareness raising campaign for SMEs).

“OLIVIA” is a virtual teacher and assistant for GDPR compliance, allowing entrepreneurs to learn about their basic obligations, test their knowledge, and create essential documents to prove compliance with personal data protection regulations.

During the introductory address, director Zdravko Vukić expressed satisfaction that the Agency, along with its partners, has the opportunity to develop a tool for entrepreneurs that will be free and accessible to everyone. “We are aware that micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, as well as craftsmen, often lack the financial resources and human resources needed for compliance with data protection regulations. However, within the European project ARC2, we conduct numerous educations to help them resolve uncertainties they continue to face, but the internet tool ‘OLIVIA’ is certainly a significant step forward. The goal is to provide entrepreneurs with a concrete tool that will be available to them at all times and provide them with all the necessary information in one place,” said director Vukić.

Namely, “OLIVIA,” which will consist of 15 modules in the final phase, simplifies access to knowledge frameworks, rules, and procedures.

The project leader of ARC2, Anamarija Mladinić, presented the project and the internet tool “OLIVIA,” emphasizing that the majority of micro, small entrepreneurs, and craftsmen in Croatia have not taken even the basic steps to comply with GDPR. Still, they will now have access to a tool that will assist them in this process. This was confirmed by entrepreneurs who tested “OLIVIA” yesterday.

You can test Olivia at the link