AZOP, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy, on March 3, 2021, organised a free online workshop “How to comply with the GDPR” intended for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from  Koprivnica-Krizevac County.

During the training, participants had the opportunity to get familiarized with the provisions and concepts from the GDPR (such as personal data, controller/processor, joint controller, data subjects’ rights, legal basis for processing personal data, etc.), as well as their obligations when collecting and processing personal data with examples from practice. Entrepreneurs from the hospitality, tourism, private protection and the financial sector participated in the workshop.

In addition to lectures on the legislative framework on personal data protection, the interactive workshop also consisted of practical exercises, but also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to ask questions during the workshop in order to clarify their doubts regarding the legislative framework for personal data protection.

Taking into account the specific need of SMEs from different sectors, starting from April 2021, we are planning to organise GDPR workshops adjusted to the specificities of individual sectors.

The online worskops are conducted within the framework of the EU project ARC (Awareness Raising Campaign for Small and Medium Enterprises), co-financed by the EU Programme for Rights, Equality and Citizenship.